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our pastors:

Sonship Harvest Ministries was founded in January of 2010 by Apostle Nathan Botley. He began the church without a blueprint of how the services should look. His only desire was that the church should follow the Bible and the ways taught by Jesus Christ.

The early motto of the church came directly from the Word of God, "For those who are led by the Spirit of God, are the sons of God." (Romans 8:14) Thus, Sonship Harvest Ministries was birthed.

Apostle Nathan Botley and his wife, Charlyene, pastor with a vision that extends beyond the walls of the church building. Their vision is to feed the body of Christ with knowledge and wisdom in preparation for their walk with Christ, help them realize the call of God in their life, and cover and equip the five-fold ministry.


Apostle Nathan has a heart for pastors. His desire is to tear down religious and racial walls, cover and equip God's pastors and five-fold ministers, teaching them how to operate under the apostolic mantle.

Pastor Nathan Botley; Charlyene Botley
Apostle Nathan and Charlyene Botley
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